Welcome to Sole Sisters.

Welcome to the Sole Sisters blog!

My name is Cynthia Salzman Mondell, and I am a documentary filmmaker who has made over 40 films.  Some have aired nationally on television, and some are shown in museums like the SIXTH FLOOR  Museum about the life, death and legacy of President John Kennedy.  Another is FUNNY WOMEN about women comedians like Gilda Radner, Lucille Ball, Totie Fields, Moms Mambley, Lilly Tomlin, Mo’nique, Victoria Jackson, Wanda Sykes and more. Many of my films are about women and women’s issues and interests….like SISTERS OF ’77, DREAMS OF EQUALITY, GUTS, GUMPTION AND GO-AHEAD  and THE LADIES ROOM.  I love all of them.

When my Mom got sick with pancreatic cancer, my sister Ann and I found brand new red high heels in her closet. We told Mom that she had to get better so she could get up and dance in those shoes.  She smiled, tried , but didn’t get well.  Those shoes allowed her to dream and hope.  SOLE SISTERS  is dedicated to my Mom and to all those women who have special relationships with their shoes.  Please share your  stories….happy, sad, empowering. I want to create a global  community where women connect with their shoe stories, and, like my Mom, feel hope and are uplifted.

- Cynthia Salzman Mondell

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  1. Jocelyn White

    Cynthia….what a brilliant idea! Tell me what you want/need from me! I’ll help in any way I can. I am a SOLE SISTER with a shoe addiction that goes ‘waaaay back! Jocelyn

  2. 01.11.2011

    As my mother used to say, Pride goeth before a fall. . . .

    I went to work filling my empty nest (using money no longer needed to fund children’s educations) with “the perfect shoe” for every occasion. Manolo heels — 4-inch for weddings and parties, 3-inch for church, symphony, theater, 2 1/2 inch for meetings and funerals. And the cutest, most comfortable flats from Tod’s for every day, and especially to go with newly acquired skinny-legged jeans. Oh yeah, and boots — as fashion statement, not as winter gear.
    And then — shortly after I had added a great black, sexy heel to dance in at my nephew’s wedding and a lug-soled ankle boot for trekking the sidewalks of New York — I was forced to face the fact that I was “walking funny,” had perpetually swollen ankles, persistent back pain, and a tendency to trip over my left foot and fall. And, despite my protests and emphatic denial, would have to wear a knee-high brace, replete with springs at the ankle to offset the drop foot caused by now-permanent nerve damage from bone spurs and other garbage in my back. The brace, customized though it is, won’t fit in my cute little flats. It won’t hide under those skinny-legged jeans. I am now the little old lady in tennis shoes and not a happy little old lady at that! (though in the scheme of things, I know — oh, how I know! — this is no big deal). It’s just that a woman and her shoes. . . .

    Good luck with this project, Cynthia! I love your work!!

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