Choosing Shoes for the Women’s March

Choosing Shoes for the Women's MarchChoosing Shoes for the Women's MarchGetting ready to travel has its anxieties .  I am fairly efficient in packing. I love light weight dresses and wear my boots and pack walking tennis shoes and one other pair. But getting ready for the MarchOnWashington, had  me in a shoe quandary.  I wanted to look fashionable like the first wave of feminists . But I wanted comfort. I spotted a black pair of boots with white stitching in my closet. I bought the at the now defunct Women’s Museum. Perfect- fashionable with a feminist history. Then last night I spotted them from a different angle- the heels were

too high. I didn’t sleep fretting about shoes. I climbed in my attic-pulled down 3 pairs of boots-Choosing Shoes for the Women's March

One hand painted by an artist raising money to pay for her Cancer treatment. Perfect—but they were a bit too short. The other one was  leather pair that I wore filming in Europe.  The toe was square- like the bangs on my grandson after a bad haircut. Then I saw them—tall over the knee light weight boots. And they have a short heel. Well- here’s to fashion. Here’s to raising my voice for human rights. Here’s to a great pair of shoes.