Dedra Mosley Remembers her Grandma’s shoes


         As a liDedra Mosley Remembers her Grandma's shoesttle girl I was extremely quiet and shy, but very observant. I was entertained by watching people. Especially their shoes and attire… everyone always appeared to be rushing. I would listen to their steps and would be amused to guess who was approaching by their footsteps. This was a game for me then and I currently still find it amusing. But, there was one particular person I watched closely, and that was my Grandma Pearline. She had a distinguished walk, and now that I’m older I know it was a walk of “confidence and determination”.  Oh yeah, I knew she meant business… When she went to make her living as a Maid, she had on ugly shoes. Now I realize they were for comfort…

         But, when she put on her “Fancy Shoes” she turned into a gorgeous and elegant woman that walked with so much grace. You wouldn’t have believed this was the same women who workedtirelessly long hours while helping raise her 3 grandkids.  I knew one day I wanted to possess that same strength. As I developed into a teenager, I saw myself modeling myself after my Grandma Pearline. When other teenagers would wear sneakers to school I would put on my heels. Although I was still extremely shy, I had confidence when I put on heels and dressed for success…

         When I matured into a young women with responsibilities, realized her true worth. She is now 98 years old, and suffers from Alzheimer’s. She is non-mobile due to a stroDedra Mosley Remembers her Grandma's shoeske a few years ago. I know this is GOD’s way of allowing her to rest, because Grandma Pearline would be still gracing the world with her soles. She would still be taking care of others, but now we are blessed to take care of her. I have been graced with her legacy and now wear her “Hats that Crown me with her Wisdom & Shoes/Soles that Humble me to continue her Legacy as I reach for my Destiny”.

         There is so much strength in the confidence that a women gets from her shoes, and I can now say that I am no longer shy, and pray that I put a smile in her heart as I wear “My Grandma Soles/Soul”.


Dedicated to Pearline Mosley-Jeffrey

Written by Dedra “Dii Dii” Mosley