Diaper Babies Stepping out in Heels

suriThe beauty craze seems to start earlier and earlier – we have seen little Suri, the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, sporting High Heels already way back when she was only 3 ½… Now, Wal Mart just came up with a new Make Up line for 8-12 year-olds, which supposedly also fights aging, an especially high concern of this age group… It comes with blush, mascara, liquid shadow, face shimmer and exfoliating products. Of course, there’s also a cleanser.

We started looking into the issue a little further and found that there seems to be quite a culture of ‘heeling’ your kids these days. Over the past years, heels which usually stopped at sizes for 8-year-olds have now gone down to serve 5-year olds. There is even a website that sells high heels for babies from 0-6 months! Well, at least they don’t come with any risks attached. But what do you think about this fashion craving ? Are you a mother of a young daughter wearing heels? Or are you completely against it? Is this just young girls having fun to dress up? We want to hear all opinions!