Downsizing is a Big Shoe Deal

When my ShoeAholic friend Vicki Meek decided to downsize her shoe collection, she became a perfect person to include in my #SOLESISTERSFilm. She owned over 200 pairs. And she was giving them away-well many of them. When I arrived at her home, she must have had over 100 pairs arranged like an art installation. They were color coded – blacks, browns, blues, reds, whites. She had an order. Vicki is one of the funniest smartest women I know. And she regaled me with stories. Blaming her shoe addiction on her Mom. During the filming, I couldn’t take my eye off of her shoes. I particularly loved the cool black flat painted like a cat. I don’t even like cats, but I fell in love with those shoes. Addictions are contagious. I left with 4 pairs of fab shoes. The cat shoe was too big….IMG_2965