From Tevas to Ballerinas

Many thanks to all who have shared their stories with our SOLE SISTERS community! It is so exciting to watch the growth of this emerging model of documentary. I encourage you to get involved with this project and push the limits of the technology, perhaps using the video or audio functions to share your story. If you haven’t already, you must read the newest posts from Tracee, Dawn, Marilyn, Hilary and Laura. They are quite empowering, and hopefully will encourage you to share your own shoe story.

From Tevas to ballet shoes, Tracee describes her story of transformation from a grad student collecting aquatic insects to biology teacher to executive assistant of Park Cities Dance Studio.

Have you ever balanced a book on your head? Dawn Spalding mastered this feat at an early age to earn her first pair of heels.

Marilyn wrestled with the wrong pair of shoes on her dream vacation.

The right pair of shoes transforms not only one’s feet, but also one’s consciousness, as Hilary discovers through her dainty green wedges.

Age couldn’t stop Laura’s grandmother from expressing herself–she collected Puma sneakers in every color to match different parts of her personality.

Visit our Share Your stories page to read more of these fabulous stories. You will be inspired.