Good News Girlz story

We are proud to announce that our intern Katherine Sloan has a story on the Good News Girlz website! In Katherine’s work with SOLE SISTERS, she has been participating in creating a women’s community online through storytelling. The Good News Girlz is also about creating community through stories and events that engage women both online and in person. SOLE SISTER Stephanie Chambers regularly contributes articles to their website, and now our intern Katherine Sloan has a story on their page. We are so excited to see our two like-minded forces coming together to empower women!

“Last summer, a close friend put me in touch with the Good News Girlz. I had the privilege of not only helping them with video for their website, but also experiencing the powerful effects of being in the presence of a group of women my mother’s age who are passionate about uplifting women and creating community.

This summer, the planets aligned when I found documentary filmmaker and feminist Cynthia Salzman Mondell, also a Good News Girl!  Guess what her current film project is about. Women. Using shoes as a portal for community, the SOLE SISTERS film project empowers women through storytelling. The project will include a film, a play, an online community and publishing opportunities that all extend beyond the normal limits of art and into the frontier of the  participatory audience-the ultimate empowerment.”

Read the rest of Katherine’s Story, “The Summer I Became a SOLE SISTER” at