Human Rights Intern Joins Sole Sisters Team

Every immigrant woman has a story about her shoes. She has journeyed from her birthplace to a foreign land- the United States. All are seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Each had to take a first step towards freedom.

This summer, we have an intern who is new to America and will be exploring women immigrant experiences.

11350501_842039522533115_4054300960528391623_nAndy Carrizales stepped onto American soil six years ago when she was 15 years old. After her father found a job here as a bilingual teacher, her parents decided to escape the growing violence of her hometown Saltillo. She feared the never-ending gang violence. Andy looked forward to life in the U.S., a place where she would not be afraid to roam the streets in shorts and sandals. Her past experiences and memories of students who disappeared in Mexico sparked her interest in human rights. It wasn’t easy coming here. The first year she counted the number of words she knew in English until she felt comfortable with the language.

Andy is now a passionate student who is active at Eastfield College and in her community. As a Human Rights major with a Journalism interest, she will be interviewing women around the Dallas area about what challenges women have faced in the past and how moving to the United States has impacted their identities. She understands that shoes are an integral part of a woman’s identity. You can read her findings on the Sole Sisters blog.

Andy said that as recent immigrant the Fourth of July has a special meaning. This Fourth, she will be celebrating in her shorts and sandals without fear.