We are launching our YouTube channel, SOLE SISTERS FILM SHORTS.

What happens when you follow your obsession? Mine was not with buying shoes; it was uncovering why women from all walks of life were in love with shoes. What made a grown woman have a meltdown when an upscale shoe store didn’t have her size? What made a working woman collect over 300 shoes? What made a woman embezzle $100,000 to buy shoes online? What made a woman keep her mother’s closet of shoes in boxes under her bed? Every shoe has a story and every woman has both.

Now through YouTube, we will showcase snippets of our film. Sit back. Put on some hot, comfy shoes and join us at SOLE SISTERS FILM.

SOLE SISTERS is a film in production. It has a play SHOE CONFESSIONS set to perform at the Festival for Independent Theater. We held a SOLE SISTERS Poetry Slam. And we have had our SHOE CONFESSIONAL in art museums and Neiman Marcus. We love our art and writing project at the Dallas County Jail. With our new SOLE SISTERS FILM SHORTS YouTube channel, we offer exclusive looks of our film.

We continue to explore how this accessory – the shoe – has impacted women’s’ lives. We just keep strutting. Walk or run with us and Share your story with us.

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