Meet our Intern, Andrea

Hello SOLE SISTERS fans! My name is Andrea Schpok, and I am delighted to intern with Media Projects Inc. this summer. It has been an exciting first few weeks here and I am amazed by the moving stories I have heard from the women we’ve met so far. I knew from my first day at Media Projects that I was stepping into the fast-paced, vivid world of film making but I had no idea just how fascinating, heart-warming and often hilarious our behind-the-scenes time together would be. After nearly three weeks as a Media Projects intern, I feel equipped to offer you a piece of advice: Share your stories! And, yes, you do have one. Even if it is buried as deep in your mind as that pair of high school graduation shoes you wore once and then shoved to the back of your closet, it’s there. What shoes did you wear when you started your first job? What pair did you buy when you were ready to step up to a new stage in your life? Which walked you through the door of an interview that changed your life?  Kept you moving through a marathon? Boarded the plane to your greatest adventures?

I will be blogging throughout the summer to give you a glimpse of life behind-the-scenes of SOLE SISTERS. I look forward to reading your posts!

“It’s 9am Monday morning. The soles of my pair of purple pointed-toe heels meet pavement for the first time in many years as I step out into the humid Texas summer air.  I catch a glimpse of the purple ribbon bows resting above my toes as I look down for a second but my mind is racing forward and I hasten my pace towards the car to begin my first commute.”