Miss Teen America to Collect 1 Million Shoes!

Miss Teen America Katarina Alexis Kneer

Miss Teen America Katarina Alexis Kneer

We were so lucky to get Katarina Alexis Knee’s shoe story! She was just crowned ‘Miss Teen America’ and now guess what one of her missions is for the year of her reign? She is planning on collecting 1 million shoes for Soles4Souls who donate to adults and children in need!

Katarina already piled up tons of Jeans and coats which she delivered to the foundation’s outlet in Tennessee after she won the National title. Apart from that, she will also be the National Teen Spokesperson for bullying as well as youth advisor against driving intoxicated. This girl will be a busy bee for the next 12 months. Congratulations!!

Read below:

When I was 5 years of age, my grandma and grandpa invited us to tour Italy and visit where my mom was born. We visited with so many relatives and saw so many beautiful sites. The best part of the entire trip was not only spending time with family, but trying the different foods. Especially the Pizza.

My dad had decided to rent a car, not realizing the extremely narrow roads we would have to drive in order to reach any destination to the top of the majestic mountain. After a few hours, he felt it would be best if we returned the rent a car to the airport. We had to rush to get the car back, prior to being charged for an additional day. On that morning, my dad was putting on my favorite Disney

Princess sneakers, not realizing they were on the wrong feet until arriving at the airport and everyone was looking at my feet, wondering why the little blonde american girl had her shoes on the wrong feet. They actually thought that this is how everyone wears their shoes in America! I knew my feet felt odd and uncomfortable for a reason.