Mommy’s High Heel Shoes

Every mother that has gone back to work agonizes over leaving her beautiful children at home.  “Mommy’s High Heel Shoes,” tells the story of a young girl named Cakes who discovers all the different roles that a mother has by exploring her closet (and shoes) while she is at work.  Cake’s quickly realizes that mommy has so many shoes because she has many different jobs.  This book looks past the role of the “mother” to demonstrate that women fill many shoes throughout their daily lives – they work, bake, socialize, clean, garden and look after their families all while still attempting to care for themselves.

This novel illustrates how a mother can do more for her family by putting a little time aside and doing something for herself.  Wearing high-heeled shoes makes Cake’s mommy feel confident and helps her to be a better mother.  We often struggle with guilt when trying to do things for ourselves.  But, this book makes a point to show that taking that little time for ourselves is better for our children in the long run because it makes us better mothers.

This narrative truly celebrates a busy working mother and her “sweeter than cupcakes” relationship with her children.

You can find “Mommy’s High Heel Shoes” on Amazon ($16.99)