Nine West Pumps Saved My Live

Sometimes all a  gal  has is her shoes to protect her

Nine West Pumps Saved My LiveSubmitted by Lucretia Johnson

I have owned this simple pair of Nine West black pumps since 1985.  That would make them about 32 years old, depending on what month I purchased them.  I have seen them go in and out of style at least 4 times.  But a good comfortable pair of black pumps, is hard to find!

This pair, most definitely, you see these shoes helped me fight off a vagrant trying to steal a bank deposit so I thought. Yes, they did…. particularly the right one as I still had the left one on.

I worked for a popular clothing chain located on Commerce St.  in downtown Dallas at the time, the area was called Bell Plaza.  SW Bell had a large campus in that area. I was pretty popular in the area as everyone shopped at the store. I was one of the top sales clerks in the district.

On this sunny, beautiful, summer day, we needed some change; so, like many times before I took cash in a deposit bag, in a lined shopping bag to the bank across the street. The bank was located directly across the street from the beautiful, historical 5 Star Adolphus Hotel.  On my return a man that appeared to be homeless approached me (mind you the courtyard is full of people, it’s lunch time), he grabbed arms and began to shake and sling me around, I managed to maintain my balance & began to fight back. I was trying to give him the shopping bag as this is what I thought he wanted. But he continued to hang on to me. My assistant manager noticed me and came to help. By this time some type of way my right shoe fell off, I was able to pick it up and I began to hit him with the heel. My manager came with her shoe in hand and we had holes all in this man’s head, arms, back and face he began to retreat.  I was so angry I ran after him with right shoe in hand and left one still on my foot.  My manager called my name several times and I stopped the pursuit and tried to regain my composure!!  There are 2 things that I have often wondered regarding this incident:

1) What would have happened if I did not find my weapon (my shoe)

 2)  Why no one tried to help me. People knew me and not one tried to assist me while I struggled, and fought with that man.

It is sad to know that it is so easy for fellow human beings to turn their backs on someone in need.  My manager came.  I later found out she was hanging some apparel and saw me through the window and told another clerk to call the police as she came to help!

I have probably had soles changed and had the taps replaced more times than I remember, have had, and gotten rid of, at least that many pair more!  But for some reason, I can’t seem part with these ole faithful’s, they never let me down and some many people have.  But, I haven’t given up on people. There is still hope for us yet!!!  However, it Is nice to know that I have these ole black Nine West pumps waiting for me in corner ready at my beckon call.