“People tell me to get a boyfriend so I am quiet…”

We have exciting news!

Sole Sisters were invited to join the Sisters2 1st Annual Empowerment Luncheon where young girls and women learned Non-Violent Self Defense tips taught by “Self Defense Yo”. Our Social Outreach Director, Valen, integrated the girls into the Sole Sisters project by inviting them to draw a shoe that represented passion or hobby of theirs, and filled it in with their personal strengths and characteristics that gave them sense of confidence.   Outside the shoe, they wrote any pressures they are faced with from friends, family, school and other influential people in their lives.  By visualizing and recognizing their inherent strengths, these young women can begin to build a positive self image allowing them to walk confidently in their shoes!

Everybody was motivated about the project and got straight to work, which was so fun for us to see! These young women had incredibly moving stories; it was astonishing to see what hidden talent and intelligence would have been overlooked had it not been for the Sisters2 program.  So we are really excited to share at least a part of these stories with you. Please watch the video, for an insight of the meaningful work Big Brothers and Sisters are doing!

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