Pink High-Heels Bring Hope to Cancer Survivor

We wanted to pass on this incredibly moving story from previous Neiman Marcus employee Lisa Lowe, a woman with a love for shoes who has recently arisen victorious from her vicious battle with cancer. Her words are a testament to the power of a woman and her heels.

“Most were surprised that throughout the painful ordeal of chemo and surgery, I insisted on staying as feminine as possible with my heels. Losing my hair, lashes and figure only three months after marrying my dream husband, I had little left to work with except my makeup artist abilities and my shoes!

After 19 months of chemo, losing almost everything, the prayers and love of my newly wedded husband and treasured friends and family and church have seen us through to victory: my last chemo was five days ago, and my report says I’m 100000% cancer FREE! I’m so humbled with gratitude and joy.

I have a year of rehab and one more surgery, but with all the hope and joy that has been born through this trial, I will rebuild my makeup / hair biz for TV and film…and will bless other women, encouraging them to stay positive and feel delicious as best I can! I will be home for good on more MD Anderson! Those were some vicious and dark days.

My nurse threw me a party and called me their Pink High- Heeled Sunshine Girl. My gorgeous, beloved hubby bought the pink high heels for me, and he wrote a sweet, precious song about them, “Pink High Heels.” He writes and sings country music and is very gifted. He also wrote a ballad about beating this thing and the love that has seen us through, “FOR LIFE.”

Love and laughter from the bottom of my heels…that’s even deeper than from the heart!”