Pink Soles or Red?

This summer has been one of transition for me: I have gone from high-heel skeptic–thinking high-heels weren’t practical, even a little oppressive–to vowing to myself to one day purchase a pair of Christian Louboutins.

I’ve become completely smitten with the red-soled, sky-high (in price and in height) Christian Louboutin shoes. Red is my color–it is a color of power and passion–I LOVE red. Last week I even started shopping on E-Bay for Christian Louboutin heels during my lunch break. My mother has even taken notice of my new penchant for shoes

But another shoe has walked into my life…When I was shopping at DSW with my mother, who had finally obliged my burning desire to go shoe shopping (accompanied by her credit card, please), I started to pick out the highest heels available, regardless of comfort. She reminded me that I would be returning to school in a few weeks where I would have to walk everywhere and would never be able to wear these shoes, but it was all in vain. Pretty soon we had crammed eight shoe boxes into the shopping bag and I was starting to feel embarrassed at lugging so many shoes around the store.

At the back corner of the warehouse, my mother and I stumbled upon a small sales rack of designer shoes. One of them (in the size 6 section where my mother and I buzz around swapping shoes- thank god we share the same size)…was a black super-high heel with a big red bow. I picked it up only to realize that its sole was pink–HOT PINK! I had just found a fabulous Betsy Johnson shoe on sale. After I tried it on, even my skeptic mother was adamant about purchasing it for me.

When I wore them the next day (it was a stretch to make black satin shoes work in the summertime, but I pulled it off), EVERYONE commented on them–even men. And even though they hurt like hell, I am in love with them, and I am sure that I will wear them even in very unpractical situations while living on a walking college campus, to the chagrin of my feet. That’s what Advil is for, right?

So now comes the question–what about the Christian Louboutins? What about the red soles? Do I need them now? Or do I have a Pink Sole? I’ve always shunned pink until these shoes. Only in the context of these rocker chic hot pink high heeled soles does pink make sense for me.

What color is your sole–pink or red?