Put the Right Hip in and Shake It All About

I thought I would be walking around by now. I finally got a new hip last Thursday and have been able to walk  two blocks with a walker. Two blocks in black ked shoes. I thought  I would be bouncing around and walking all over town by now. Everyone says I am unrealistic. My daughter says I am negative. We all live in our own reality. Mine sometimes trips me up.  But hey- everyone needs a fantasy.  When I can shake my new right hip, I will be able to put on my new sexy boots.  In the meantime, I am dealing with the reality of the pain of healing and facing some limitations. Hopefully, they are temporary.  I like to kick high…and I know I will soon. So to everyone who has suffered or who is suffering with osteoarthritis. I say we are lucky that there is some relief even if it is painful to finally get there.