Sole Sisters Featured at TAMU

I was the keynote speaker at the Texas A&M Women’s Resource Leadership Symposium Luncheon. Over 200 staff and faculty including Deans showed up. There were a few students. It was fun to talk about Sole Sisters. Lots of women wanted wanted to share their stories. They were certainly diversified. One was from a student who talked about how hard she worked to get her special TAMU Boots. She proudly displayed them. Another was from a woman who immigrated to the US from Estonia during the 1990’s Soviet Union break-up. Her family brought shoes with them—and didn’t worry about the sizes. They just wanted to make sure they had something to put on their feet. Another was from a Dr. who couldn’t wear heels, but wanted to look sexy and fun. She paraded her red shiny ballet flats. Another was from a woman who lost her brother through suicide. She wore lovely heels to make sure she always felt special. It was a great day and I was so impressed with Heather, director of the Women’s Resource Center. She is contributing so much to the student life at A&M.