Sole Sisters Needs Your Graduation and Wedding Stories

We’ve been working so hard on Sole Sisters we looked at our calendar today and were surprised to realize that it’s already June! My, my does time fly when you’re making a movie!

June is the month of graduations and weddings, two major watershed moments in a gal’s life. We want to hear the stories that you and your loved-ones have to tell.

June also happens to be one of our favorite months at Media Projects. Maybe it’s the hundred-degree weather, maybe it’s the NBA play-offs, but there’s something about June that makes us want to take a moment, relax, and share stories with our Sole Sisters.

Cynthia has decided that this month would be the perfect time to explore how we, as women, begin new stages in our lives, and more importantly, what shoes we wear while beginning these new chapters of our stories.

Sole Sisters Needs Your Graduation and Wedding Stories
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Sure, we all get stuck wearing the same basic cap-and-gown combo which means that almost all of us look to our shoes to make our personal statement as we walk across the graduation stage.

What shoes did you wear and why? Any embarrassing missteps or did you rock those red stilettos like nobody’s business?

Send us your stories, or tell your friends and family to send theirs, and tell us what that pair of shoes meant to you as you stepped into the working world.

Sole Sisters Needs Your Graduation and Wedding Stories

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Polka-dot pumps, bright blue cowboy boots, subtle sandals, a woman’s bridle shoes speak more to her identity and personal style than almost any other pair of shoes she’ll wear in a lifetime.

We want to hear your stories about what you, your mother, friend, relative, or spouse, wore the day she got hitched. Does a Sole Sister go for comfortable dancing shoes? Does she rock some cowboy boots to honor her southern roots? Or does she suffer through the pain of gorgeous sky-high stilettos at all costs? We want to know!

If you have a story , send it in! You can email submissions to You can write them as a blog post or record them as a video blog! Whichever way you choose, please send any and all photos or video that you have. Anything helps.

Your fellow Sole Sisters want to tell your story. The first step is sharing.