Sole Sisters Needs Your Wedding Shoes Stories

You read it right, Sole Sisters, we need your wedding shoe stories and we need them pronto.

What did you wear on your special day?

Why did you choose the shoes you wore?

Where did you find them?

Who did you wear them for?

Sole Sisters Needs Your Wedding Shoes Stories

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We want to know anything and everything about the pumps, boots, flats, or sandals our Sole Sisters wore down the aisle. This is your chance to tell the world about who you are and be a part of something special.

Working on the Sole Sisters project for the past two and a half weeks I have come to discover first hand that this film is our chance to say something different. To take something we all love and create a community of women where the only things that matter are our stories, point-of-view, and of course personal sense of style.

All of this is possible. But we need your stories first. Send them as a letter, a poem, a webcam video, an email. Whichever way you can swing it, we want to hear from our Sole Sisters.

Email with your stories or for more information on Sole Sisters.

Have a lovely week, Sole Sisters!