Students Showcase Talent

Clip-92dWe just returned from Booker T. Washington Arts Magnet School.

Dolores Tompkins’ very talented students have been working on art projects about women’s shoes as part of SOLE SISTERS. I am in awe. These young men and women are soooo talented.
I have used this word twice…but i should capitalize it and use it again. They presented their art with powerful personal stories. These students created photographs, drawings and ceramic pieces extraordinaire. I was so moved and will be posting them to the Sole Sisters site.

Clip-92cI felt like I was at a banquet when I was invited to another classroom to look at the projects of Eva Marie Kutscheid’s class. These students told a story of an important female in their life through color pencil drawings of their shoes . The drawings featured the woman’s shoe and told why they admired her. Moms won hands down. That was great since my daughter Fonya was helping me film. But there were friends and grandmothers who were celebrated in these vivid drawings. Watch for more on our webpage.

Pass it around ….Booker T. Washington Arts Magnet is brimming with talent that will change our world. And the talent includes the teachers, as well as the students.

We are clicking our heels that they have embraced SOLE SISTERS.