Thank You to a Talented Sole Sister Graphic Artist

The very talented graphic artist @Kimloan Nguyen designed our flyers for the SHOE CONFESSIONAL Poetry Slam. She is so gracious that when I thanked her she wrote:

“Can I just say, thank you so so much. I’m sorry I keep missing your calls, but when I listened to your message my heart grew a few sizes because of all the kind things you said. In fact, it’s been a while since I’ve done graphics or had a job that puts much creativity to use. And when you mentioned how everyone involved with Sole Sisters should feel empowered, it really struck a chord with me since I realized this is something I… can do! So I truly appreciate the encouragement and faith you’ve put on me and I’m honored I could help in whatever way I know how with this wonderful project.”

She should be your go-to person for graphics.