Two of a Kind

shoepic-e1288736454368We love our shoes, spend a lot of time shopping for just the right pair for a given outfit, and are aware of how every shoe feels. How can it be then that the most common shoe story we’ve all heard and experienced has to do with two different shoes being worn at the same time?

Mary Lee wore a blue shoe and a black shoe of the same style to a job interview. She got the job and no one was the wiser. Judy got to her hotel in Washington D.C. for a huge gala featuring Tommy Tune only to realize she had one peep toe black shoe and one peep toe brown shoe. The heels were more or less the same height, the ballroom was dark, and if anyone noticed, no one said a word.

Tamara wore two different sneakers out for a walk. She was aware of it, but no one else figured it out. Claire was so tired one morning that she put on two different style shoes and didn’t notice herself until she took them off that night.

Karla’s husband dropped her off at the gym one morning before work. When she opened her bag to get dressed, she discovered two white pumps, both for left feet. She walked awkwardly to the office, but by noon was so uncomfortable that she had to get a co-worker to drive her home to swap out for the right shoe.

Let us know if this has happened to you. We’re keeping count.