UTD Hosts Sole Sisters

I had on my black and white spectator shoes and stood in front of a packed room of students, international visitors, deans and professors and community people. I loved talking about SOLE SISTERS. The talk was billed SHOE CONFESSIONS and I looked around the room and saw that women had brought their own shoes to tell their stories. How cool is that? I love when women speak up and are heard. I love giving women a platform to express themselves. It is March- Women’s History Month and we remembered the Suffragists who donned beautiful small heel shoes to walk miles with giant placards demanding women’s right to vote. We remembered the second wave of feminists who spawned fashion with Birkenstocks as they marched demanding equal pay for equal work. We saluted the women today who earn their own money to buy whatever they want for as much as they want to pay. Economic power is good and sometimes too fleeting.

I loved the stories the audience shared- from bridal shoes, to shoes bought for parents, to shoes they came to
America in. The age ranged from 17 to 78. And everyone had a story.

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