Whose Shoes?

By: Nadia

Have you wondered what a person’s shoes say about them?  When you see someone wearing a pair of UGG boots in the spring or jellies in the winter, what are they trying to say?  When a woman wears high heels most days and flats on occasion, it tends to make a statement about who she is or the mood she may be in.  A man who wears moccasins on a daily basis may one-day switch to sporting sneakers.  No matter what type of shoe we wear, there will always be reasons behind that choice and often times the shoes we wear speak about who we are.

We study body language, speech patterns and star signs to figure out what people are all about, but did you know that your shoes can offer just as many clues about who you are as your astrological sign?

With this in mind, I want to take an unconventional approach to introducing myself to the supporters of the SOLE SISTERS project.

The MISSION: post a daily picture of the shoes I come into work wearing  (no repeats).

Get INVOLVED: I want YOU, as the reader, to tell me what you think my shoes say about my personality, mood and tendencies.

This is going to be fun.  So start commenting before I cheat and run back to my closet to dig out a pair of killer heels.  I can’t wait to read your responses.

Nadia xx


Day 1: Leopard Diamante Buckle Flats