IMG_6279Last night I went to the dress rehearsal for SHOE CONFESSIONS. I was moved to tears. What a wonderful feeling to see your words come to life on stage. Talented director and producer, Susan Sargeant created an amazing play. The sophisticated red, black and white sets created a high fashion feel. She found the rhythm in the stories as blues, rock and roll and even rap lifted the stories to a higher musical level. The actresses gave it their all. They found the the sensuality, the hope, the dreams and the courage that shoes give to so many women. Stories about Moms permeate the play. This play is dedicated to my Mother, but it speaks to all Mother-Daughter relationships. We step in our shoes, but we always remember those first baby steps and who was with us when we took them.

Saturday, July 11th is our opening at FIT. Check out the complete schedule. SHOE CONFESSIONS plays 6 times. So there is enough time to go shoe shopping and still see the play.

We are still collecting stories for the film. So share yours at our website or email me at