The Film

Real Sole Sisters

Director’s Story: “When my Mom got sick with pancreatic cancer my sister Ann and I found brand new red high heels in her closet. We told Mom she had to get better so she could get up and dance in those shoes. She smiled, tried, but didn’t get well. But those shoes allowed her to dream and hope. Sole Sisters is dedicated to my Mom and all women who have special relationships with their shoes.” ~Cynthia Salzman Mondell

Sole Sisters will empower women through storytelling, challenging stereotypes, and connecting individuals from different walks of life.

We have already amassed moving footage from our “Shoe Confessional” project, which was set up at the Dallas Museum of Art during its Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit. In this intimate setting women opened up to two cameras and told personal tales about themselves and their shoes. We also collected powerful stories from women and girls through partnerships with non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

Women’s fashion functions as a tool of activism and empowerment. SOLE SISTERS is a film with a tapestry of beautiful stories touching upon strong social themes.




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