Shoe Confessional Supporters

A huge thanks to our supporters who made the “Shoe Confessional” possible. The booth was set up at the Dallas Museum of Art during the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit. In this intimate setting women opened up to two cameras and told personal tales about themselves and their shoes. Without your donations capturing these amazing stories wouldn’t have been possible.

Thank You Again: Sara Tarlow, Betsy Kennard, Meredith Stephens, Joyce Fritz, Candace Mathis, Marilyn Unger-Riepe, Iris Rosenthal, Gina Cole Whitlock, Tammy Nguyen Lee, Allison Whitehead, Holly Kuper, Ron and Barbara Meyer, Matthew Gordon, Anonymous, Lorin Berland, Anonymous, Rondi Davis, Jennifer Johnson Spence, Marilyn McKern Thomas, Dr. Miles, Howard Jaffe, Julie England, Suzanne Greenman, M3 Films, Fran Carris, Diane R. Miles, Matthew Gordon, Stacy Meier Olds, Chuck Lustig, Marilyn Unger-Riepe, Sara Alpern, Karen Johnson, and Terry Miller.

And thank you Dallas Museum of Art for allowing us to set up shop in your beautiful home.

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